2007  OOHA



The tournament is organized for the enjoyment of the players and spectators;  it is to be played in a FRIENDLY manner.  The Flyers Division is age 18 & over and the Vets Division is 35ish & over and the Senators Division is 46ish and over, as of day 1 of the Tournament.  C.A.H.A. rules will apply (No Centre Ice Red Line) with the following special provisions.


1                     The Top Team in the Round Robin Tournament format will be decided by:

A.      Most Points.

B.      Record between tied teams, Team A has beaten Team B,  Team A has a better record.

C.      +/- differential (Goals for - Goals against, in regulation time).

D.      Coin toss.


2.         Abuse of On - ice or Off - ice Officials WILL NOT be tolerated.  Minor or Misconduct Penalties CAN and WILL BE assessed according to the C.A.H.A. rule book at the discretion of the Referee(s).


3.         Spare players will be assigned at the Tournament Committee’s discretion.  The Tournament Committee’s decision will be final.


4.         There will be no body-contact or slap shots (stick above the knee).  Either infraction will result in a minor penalty or major if injury results.  If construed as an attempt to injure, a match penalty can and will be assessed. (see match penalty)


5.         Fighting will result in immediate ejection from the game and tournament.  Related penalties will be assessed at the discretion of the Referee.


6.         Any deliberate attempt to injure will result in a five-minute match penalty, ejection from the game and tournament.  Another player from the ice will serve any penalties that are assessed.


7.         Minor penalties assessed during running time will be three minutes in duration.  Minor penalties assessed in stop time will be two minutes in duration.


8.         Each game will consist of a five-minute warm up, starting at the buzzer, and three-15 minute periods.  The last five minutes of the third period will be stop time if there is a goal difference of three or less, or if they obtain a goal difference of three or less during that time.  Once stop time has commenced, the game will be completed in stop time, despite the score.


9.         If a game ends in a tie, (Final Game, see rule 10) a shoot-out will be held. 


10.               If time expires in the Final Game and the score is tied, teams WILL NOT change ends, and they will play a five-minute sudden death over­time period 4 on 4.  If still tied a second five-minute sudden death over­time period 3 on 3 will follow.  If the score is tied after the 2nd over-time period expires, see rule 9 for shoot-out guidelines.


11.               O.O.H.A. has four sets of numbered sweaters, which will be used for the tournament.  The Tournament Committee will assign sweater colours according to the game sheets.  Team captains will be responsible for the distribution, collection and condition of the sweaters, which all teams will use.  Each player is to wear the same number for the duration of the tournament.  Any sweaters not returned at games end will result in a Five minute penalty assessed to that team in the next game.  Should the sweater not be returned all players from that team will be barred from any future tournaments.


12.               Players will not bring any alcohol beverages into the building.


13.               The Tournament Committee will consider all protests accompanied by sufficient beer (24 Any Molson Product).

Tournament Committee Members Are, Andy Robak, Doug Crabb, Boomer Palidwor, Ken Holliday, Bob Hooper, Dan Spurr, Boyd Welsh.