OOHA 2023/24 Late League Registration Info

Closing Sunday Nov 26th
Registration Fee $450



1. Do I need to be Vaccinated ?
    - There are NO vaccination requirements..

2. What age limits are there ?
    - The league is for 30 ish years old and up.

3. When can I register ?
    - Registration is from Mon, Nov 14th to Sunday, Nov 26th

4. How do I register / Do I have to pay in advance ?
    - You must register online.  Payment is required when you register.

5. When does the season start ?
    - Regular Season Started Sun Oct 15th

6. When is the Draft ?
    - Draft Night will be the last week of November. The draft will be restricted to team and league officials only

7. How many games will I play ?
    - The Full Game Schedule is 33 Games
   - Due to missing the start of the season, you will play 7 to 9 less games. You are eligible to spare to pick up more games.

8. What will the schedule look like ?
    - The final schedule has been posted.

9. When will the team lists and schedule be available ?
    - They will be prepared after registration closes and will be posted after the draft is completed no later than Tuesday Nov 28th.

10. What if the season is cancelled or suspended for any reason?
    - Registration fees will be refunded on a pro-rated basis at the end of March 2024 in the event of suspension or cancellation of play.
    - Expenses incurred will be deducted from fees collected before refunds are processed.

For any other info Email OOHA@GJPNETWORKS.com