FEAR NOT !!!!!
The Captains and Committee
are meeting this evening and will make the final adjustments to the teams and Divisions.
By late tonight I'll have the final schedule and Team Lists up on the web

Preliminary TEAM LISTS
(Subject to additions and changes)
Flyers      Vets       Sens

35th Anniversary

(18 and over)

Mon Mar 19th to Sat Mar 24th

And for those that can read

Need some more
-    Flyer skaters.....
-    Sens Goalies (3)
New For 2018 ..... The Thursday Night Skills Competition
Five different skill events.  $20 to enter all five events   or   $5 per event entered.

3 Divisions

  Flyers       -  18 to Early 30's. Youth & Exuberance (Young & Dumb)
  Vets          -  30 ish to mid 40's. Wiley Veterans (Old & Treacherous)
  Senators   -  Late 40 ish 'til Dead (Check For A Pulse)
                      Still Able To........ But Not All The Time

Final Division Placings Will Depend On The Number Of Players Entered And The Age Groupings Available

- - - - - - - - - -
Games Consist Of Three 15 Min Periods
Three Games Minimum
5 on 5 Play No Body Contact  (OOHA Oldtimer Rules Apply)

Teams Selected by DRAFT

Cost per Player will be $80
Includes 35th Anniversary Prizes for all participants
35th Anniversary first & second prizes in all divisions
Game Star Awards
and of course the Thursday night Greasefest
Make Cheques Payable to  OOHA

Bring to Your First Scheduled Game
(Remember NO PAY NO PLAY)